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Eliminated written travel authorization requirement

A written travel authorization is no longer required. The change is among several updates made to the WVU/WVURC Travel Manual, designed to reduce traveler frustration.

Eliminated approval to use personal vehicle for travel

Travelers were required to use a rental vehicle if the direct cost of a rental vehicle was less than the per-mile rate for a personal vehicle. This cost comparison did not include indirect costs associated with the loss of employee productivity for obtaining the vehicle or managing the rental process. Now travelers are free to use their personal vehicles for business travel based on their evaluation of both the direct and indirect cost of both options.

Reimbursement to employees for state sales tax on travel related items not charged to a Pcard

Reimbursement for sales tax for travel-related expenses was not allowed prior to this change. Instead, employees were encouraged to obtain a Procurement Card  (Pcard). Now employees are reimbursed for sales tax expense. This eliminates the cumbersome process of identifying taxes on reimbursements and manually removing it and limits Pcards to employees who will need them on a routine basis.

Secured “Chip and PIN” procurement cards to simplify international travel for employees

PCards are now enhanced with chip and PIN technology and are accepted at most international places. Previously, PCards were not always accepted internationally, thus leaving employee to pay travel costs in advance or obtain burdensome travel advances.

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