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Electronic bid submissions

Changed the process to allow electronic bid advertising (versus newspaper postings). This reduces advertising costs and saves time. Postings are only required for construction, allowing faster processing, better vendor access and reduced costs on advertising.

Eliminated mandatory driver training

Risk Management & Insurance eliminated the requirement for all employees to complete a driver training course. The course is now available as a resource on e-campus.

Eliminated pre-approval process for payment of dues and membership to professional organizations

Installed a more streamlined approach that reduces the number of processing steps by 50 percent and uses technology to eliminate the prior "shadow system."

Automated research administration and funding tool

The research administration and funding tool WVU+kc (Kuali Coeus) is being automated to streamline the submission process. By automatically routing proposals to the Office of Sponsored Programs as soon as a dean or designated approver has signed off, researchers no longer need to repeatedly check for approvals or take the extra step of submitting the document.

Transitioned to paperless pay statements

Payroll and Employee Processing services recently completed the University’s transition to paperless statements – saving postage, time and labor. The move provides employees with the ability to view their earnings five days prior to pay day, view and print current and previous pay period statements, view and print current and previous years W-2s. It also eliminates the need for EBOs to pick up statement of earnings from the payroll office or sort and distribute statements.

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