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Information Technology

Consolidated to a common email platform for WVU, WVU Health Sciences Center

Instead of multiple email platforms, now both groups are using Office365 with a comprehensive address book and improved calendar collaboration. WVU Medicine will be joining later this year.

Retiree email accounts offered

Retiring employees can maintain their University email account and stay connected to the institution and their colleagues. The process is automated continuing the email access into retirement. Retirees may opt out of email access if they so choose.

Implemented new electronic hiring system: WVU Hire

ITS and Human Resources collaborated to launch a new electronic hiring system that replaces a variety of burdensome, inconsistent and inefficient paper-based practices. WVU Hire saves employees both time and work by creating a uniform, streamlined process with fewer redundancies.

Developed online pre-approval tool for some purchases

Software, hardware and consulting purchases valued at less than $5,000 no longer require review by Procurement, Contracting and Payment Services (PCPS) or prior approval by PCard Administration. ITS introduced an online pre-approval tool that automatically generates a notification if a review is required.

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