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Human Resources

Implemented new electronic hiring process: WVUHire

The WVUHire system provides a streamlined employment process from requisition to onboarding, and reduces the complexity and effort involved in hiring. The system dramatically improves the way applicants, supervisors and recruiters pursue and fill open positions for all staff, faculty and student employment at the University.

Intent-to-reappoint notices discontinued

The annual Intent-to-reappoint notices that were historically issued each April to non-classified, FE/APs, and non-tenure track faculty employees were discontinued in the spirit of eliminating waste and reducing costs.

Simplified the position creation form

An online form was created as part of a new electronic process. This eliminated the lengthy paper-based form submission process to the business office Human Resources.

Shortened the PIQ and simplified the IRB questionnaire form

The 14-page PIQ form has been reduced to two pages that capture the most relevant and critical data to create the position.

Added audience buttons to Human Resources website

The new layout clearly shows the five respective areas under Human Resources clearly, simplifying navigation.

Redesigned Human Resources website to be mobile device accessible

This allows users to visit and utilize website resources from any mobile device.

Updated, combined and eliminated Human Resources policies, guidelines and web page information

Many policies and guidelines were outdated or duplicative. The latest updates resulted in a 55 percent reduction in entries, making navigation easier.

Established online enrollment for WVU voluntary benefits

Online enrollment for WVU voluntary benefits gives employees a streamlined portal to information and enrollment for WVU’s voluntary benefits; hospital indemnity, critical illness, Universal Life, ID theft and pet insurance.
Go to, click on MyHR and then click on voluntary benefits.

New termination process guidelines developed

New termination process guidelines became effective beginning Sept. 1, 2015. Subject to certain provisions of PEIA’s plan, one important change is that an employee who voluntarily terminates his/her employment will only have health insurance coverage and/or other health and welfare benefit coverages (i.e. dental, life, disability, etc.) during the month when they are last physically at work.

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